Vintage. More than style. An attitude to life!

September 1, 2022

If it’s old, it’s fashionable – or at least: if it looks old. Our exquisite accessories with a used look, sometimes reflecting a period of the past, are very much in demand right now. Vintage is a major trend. But what are the reasons? Well, there are several, and they can easily be explained.

Back to basics

The word vintage has some clear connotations of being venerable, excellent, exquisite and of course ancient. It derives from the French word vendange which, in turn, comes from vindemia in Latin: the grape harvest. So when we speak of a vintage Bordeaux, we’re talking about the year and place when this wine was produced – as a mark of excellence. A vintage wine is a truly excellent drop – and usually quite old. The same is true when we apply the word vintage to other products.

Sustainability and quality

Whether it’s Vienna, Rome or Paris, all cities seem to have the same shops and the same products these days. We hardly ever see those exclusive boutiques and studios with their special one-of-a-kind products which, at one time, could only be found in one specific city. This makes us long for something unique and original. Wouldn’t it be great to stand out from the crowd? With something that not everyone has. Valuable items that give you a feeling of uniqueness. This quest for originality invariably leads to vintage products.

Over the last 20 years, our world has become dominated by plastics, mass production and disposable items. Yet we’ve also been getting more and more environmentally  conscious and responsible. We feel uneasy about products made in faraway countries under dubious working conditions. We’re keen to find out how a product was made. We’re longing for genuinely good value and a high standard of excellence. But we also want to have good quality, as we’re aware that things used to be better and more durable in the past. This may well be why high-quality, vintage-inspired materials are so much in demand. Consumer awareness, sustainability and individuality are increasingly important aspects. And, of course, if a product is of a high quality and durable, then it’s sustainable – and, in the long term, more economical.

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The good old days

Time passes quickly these days, and our world has become very small. We can be contacted 24/7 – and quite often there’s no way round it. We’re continually bombarded with ideas, views and new trends. Not surprisingly, more and more people are longing for a slower pace of life, stability, traditional values and authenticity. We want to have something that gives us a feeling of genuineness – something that has its own history and tells its own story, a story of those good old days when we still had time for one another.

Is vintage just a fad?

At HIRSCH, we don’t see vintage as a trend. It’s an attitude to life. It’s a matter of style and of capturing authenticity, longevity, informed consumption and profound respect for skilled craftsmanship. We’re aware that if someone asks for vintage, they want an original. And this is precisely what we give them – exquisite design and outstanding craftsmanship.


- It’s yesterday’s elegance translated beautifully into the world of today.
- Vintage means outstanding quality and durable, sustainable workmanship.
- Vintage means products which are unique and original.
- Vintage means history and sometimes also telling a story.
- Vintage means combining nostalgia and sustainable consumption.


Our Vintage Bestsellers

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