These are the most important colour trends of the season

September 20, 2022

Colours enrich our lives, feel good and - in the most positive case - also beautify our appearance. Colours also have the power to trigger unconscious emotions, create moods, awake associations and unconsciously influence our buying behaviour.

Based on the international trends from the fashion industry, the HIRSCH trend scouts create a colour trendbook twice a year. The assortment is planned according to this. And it should inspire and encourage our customers to adapt their watch to current and international trends with the help of a new bracelet.

Calming and stimulating

In the 2022/2023 autumn/winter season, we can once again expect lots of beautiful trend colours. The HIRSCH colour trends this autumn/winter go in two different directions - colours that calm and colours that stimulate. There are colours that reflect the new world after Covid. A changed world, but one that offers us the opportunity to evolve for the better.

The basic colour palette this season at HIRSCH is made up of all shades of grey, black and navy. These 3 colours are complemented by soothing, delicate and soft colours like winter white, beige, ecru, rose and lemon yellow. Want to stand out with your new bracelet? Then we recommend rich yet bright colours like dark green, purple or marsala red for this autumn and winter.

Bracelets in the autumn-winter colours 2022/2023

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