A family with values.

May 6th, 2022

At HIRSCH we would like live appreciation and recognition every day. Day after day we create a employee-friendly working environment. An environment that responds as flexible as possible to the individual situation of our employees and offers plenty of room for work-life balance.

We are a family run business, right from the start. Today, after more than 250 years, our family business in its 9th generation is admittedly a little more extensive, with around 330 employees at our headquarters in Klagenfurt and over 640 employees worldwide. Nevertheless, we have remained true to our roots: A sense of family and sustainability have shaped our entrepreneurial thinking and actions for decades.

Family is close to our hearts.

And when we say family today, we don't just mean our next kin. Rather, we mean our extended family, our employees. After all, they are the most valuable resource for the We, we live every day. We see it as an essential part of our responsibility to create an environment for them in which work is enjoyable. That is why we focused on corporate culture, work-life balance and benefits at an early stage.

Work-life balance. The key to satisfaction.

A decisive aspect is working hours, that are as flexible as possible and that respond to the individual situation. Our flexitime agreement applies throughout the company, which also means in the production area. For quite some time now  , there has been a voluntary company agreement that allows regular work in home office. With very few exceptions, production employees work in 1-shift operation.

In order to be able to reconcile family and career as well as possible, HIRSCH offers its employees a part-time job in the company during the maternity leave period. If requested by the employees, the return to work is planned and implemented with a lower number of hours already during the maternity leave period, so young parents are supported by special, often individually agreed flexible working hours.

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Advantages and benefits that are worthwhile.

In addition to discounted lunch in the in-house canteen, HIRSCH also provides free parking and supports commuters with a voluntary monthly travel allowance. Of course, our employees receive favourable conditions for HIRSCH bracelets and watch batteries. As a welcome gift on their first day at work, every employee receives a voucher for a HIRSCH bracelet. Agreements have been made with a considerable number of shops, so that HIRSCH employees can make purchases at favourable conditions.

Whether it's the annual summer party, Christmas party or company excursions - we organise and promote joint activities in close cooperation with the works council. There is an active company sports club. HIRSCH also supports them in various activities. After all, it's about experiencing and enjoying time together.

At HIRSCH, we place particular emphasis on workplace health promotion. As part of occupational medicine, we offer annual measures such as vaccination campaigns, health check-ups, medical consultations, first aid courses, eye tests, etc. in cooperation with our company doctor. At regular intervals, we try to organize targeted HIRSCH Health Days to support our employees in being healthy. Our in-house medicine cabinet offers free medication for flu-like infections or first aid. We support production workers in matters of skin protection with special washing pastes, skin protection and care cream.

Our in-house training includes language and IT courses, communication training, apprentice seminars and leather/material training. In the case of external training, HIRSCH assumes the costs of seminars and courses. New employees are supported in the initial period by a mentoring system and a detailed, cross-departmental training plan.

In order to ease the transition from an active, often turbulent working life to a well-deserved retirement, we offer partial retirement work for employees in all departments and areas.


- HIRSCH - a company with a sense of family
- Focus on work-life balance
- Flexible working time models with a home office component
- Many voluntary social benefits for a good work-life balance
- Extended benefits and special conditions in selected shops
- Company health promotion
- Wide range of professional opportunities with further development and training possibilities