May 24, 2021

Style is important to you. Your outfit is too. But for you, true style also shows in the detail and accessories? Accessories like your watch. To make the watch fit perfectly with the style, we see basically two options: First, you buy a lot of watches and so cover all the possibilities that your wardrobe has to offer. A way that could become quite expensive. Or secondly, you can change the look of your favorite watch by using different watch bracelets. Depending on styling and use, you can perfect the look of your watch. Thanks to the innovative HIRSCH Quick-Release System, the bracelet can be changed in just a few seconds.

New bracelet, new watch, new look.

For every outfit there is only one uncompromising solution: the individual one. A matching bracelet will enhance not only the watch, but the entire appearance. Around 60 bracelet models, in a wide variety of designs, with a total of over 400 bracelets, offer you plenty of possibilities for individual staging: from material and color, from creativity and maximum comfort. Whether it's a business meeting, a sporting challenge or a fashion statement, our selection of bracelets in leather, caoutchouc or a combination of both, will allow you to stage your watch to suit the occasion. Whether it's a classic chronograph or a smartwatch, every watch instantly becomes a personal style object with a different bracelet. Of course, you can also spend a lot of money on new watches. But you don't have to! Thanks to the HIRSCH Quick-Release System, you can easily change your bracelet yourself in just a few steps.

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By changing the bracelet regularly, you'll set a precious, harmonious accent. You can change the bracelet of almost any watch yourself. However, until now, many bracelets have always required tools, a lot of patience and even more dexterity. Impractical and now often unnecessary.

Watch bracelets with quick-release systems are becoming more and more popular, and even major watch brands are increasingly relying on quick-release bars for their bracelets. Every HIRSCH bracelet has long been available with the HIRSCH Quick-Release System and can therefore be easily changed. This system is basically the attachment with a conventional push-pins. However, these push-pins (spring bars) have a protruding pin that allows each bracelet to be released with just one click.


You can change any HIRSCH bracelet in just one minute.
Watch our video or simply follow our step-by-step instructions.

  1. Check in advance how the current bracelet is attached to the watch.
    Option A: The bracelet on your watch is still attached with a classic push-pin (spring bar) on both sides. If so, you have to loosen the old bracelet from the holder of the watch case first, using a special tool (spring bar set). You can get this fitting tool in specialized shops or of course from us free of charge with your first order in our Web-Shop.
    Option B: You already have a bracelet with HIRSCH Quick-Release System.
    If so, you only need to push the release button of the push-pin (on both bracelet parts: hole-, and buckle part) inwards and remove the bracelet.
  2. After the old bracelet is removed, insert the new bracelet on your watch. To fix the new bracelet, push the button of the push-pin inward and fix the bracelet to the attachments.
  3. Release the push-pin. A soft "click" sound is heard. The bracelet is now fixed securely.
  4. This way you can quickly change your bracelet. Enjoy your new bracelet!


- Perfect technology for maximum versatility
- Bracelet with HIRSCH Quick-Release System
- A large selection of around 400 bracelets
- Your favorite watch - the changeable permanent companion


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