Stylish elegance. Refined sophistication. The latest trends for your watch strap in Autumn-Winter 21/22

September 15, 2021

We are known for being cutting-edge. Setting trends is virtually in the Hirsch DNA. This makes us all the more happy to present to you the latest styles for Autumn/Winter 2021/22 right now. Before we get started, we can already tell you that the colours are softer, inspired by nature and captivating thanks to their elegant subtlety. With your new, on-trend watch strap, you will find it a breeze to navigate the coming season in style.

Did you know that we not only have a special trends department, but also our own trend scouts? Their job is to search the world to track down the latest fashions. For us at Hirsch, that means always being cutting-edge and able to offer you the hottest watch strap. Our team is now going to present to you the latest trends for the coming Autumn/Winter season.

Red-hot watch strap trends

The overall trending mood reflects a return to neutrality and dark tones. Blue, for example, was the colour of the year 2020. It is presented in a richer, more saturated and more shadowed way – and changes to the softer blue of a winter sky. Red colours concentrate on their primordial themes of passion and blood. Consequently, true red tones dominate this winter. Yellow provides the sumptuous impression of a winter afternoon with soft gold and metallic undertones. Brown draws inspiration from wood and nature. Shades of green play on elements of fairy tales and futurism. Mid-toned pink is a newcomer, while black cherry is a bluer, richer variation of last season’s burgundy. Violet and grey lilac are offered as neutral representatives of the magenta and purple colour groups.

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Four colour groups for on-trend watch straps

‘Past’ – the theme of masculinity.

This trend centres around the highly polarising theme of hypermasculinity. It would be a mistake to think that only men believe in this trend. Much of the influence comes from women and undermines the archetype that is referenced. This social theme openly questions the traditional ideology of masculinity. Many of the images associated with masculinity have their roots in the traditional values of the working class and heavy industry such as steelwork, shipbuilding and coal mining. Accordingly, Past presents unrefined and raw textiles, sheepskin, leather and tightly woven fabrics as well as cast-iron and steel surfaces. The materials impress with natural wooden patterns, the weave of a cloth or a chance glaze. Edges are frayed and fabrics scorched.

‘Golden Age’ – nostalgia for the olden days

This trend focuses on the 1930s and the historical events of this era in Berlin and Shanghai. Golden Age incorporates finishes that gleam and sparkle and high-sheen glazes in ceramics, pearls, multicoloured crystals and mosaics. Brilliant colours from an opulent palette convey a touch of melancholy.

‘Silence’ – the counterpoint to a loud world.

Quietness is a tool for contemplation. The meditative offers a cradle of security. Silence concentrates on the trend towards withdrawal from day-to-day life. It foregrounds soft and warm shades, the surfaces of simple, unprocessed, pure materials – like undyed burlap, stone or wood. Clay remains unpolished. Materials obtained from mycelium, seaweed and algae embody the message of impermanence. The patterns are subtle and subdued with references to nature. Unrefined seams and discreet embossing add texture and focus to textiles while colours melt into ceramic glazes in a refined fashion.

‘Illusion’ – dream or reality?

What is real? What isn’t real? Social contact vs social media. Fake news, algorithms and AI. An invisible chain of links and interdependencies mix with our experiences to influence the world’s events and the way we interact with each other. Illusion takes this social and political development on board and conveys a monochromatic impression with red and blue undertones as well as smoke and signal black. Natural and synthetic materials collide on the surfaces for an effect that comes across as intensely artificial as well as clearly fraudulent. The patterns portray the regularity of a machine, binary codes, grids and mosaics. Alternatively, they move in an organic direction and resemble microbes, scattered cells and the extraordinary fractal patterns found in plants.


- Brand-new Autumn/Winter trends
- A stylish strap for your watch
- 4 colour groups put societal trends on show
- Soft colour tones inspired by nature